Primavera Photography - Model Resouces


Portfolio information

When putting a portfolio together, you may want to use the following checklist. Remember not to have too many photos in your portfolio — most people tend to loose interest after viewing too many photos.

 Images for a portfolio - black and white and colour photos; head and shoulder shots, some with the bare look;

 Full body shots - with different looks such as dressy, business, casual, swim suit, clinging sportswear, leotard, lingerie and the sporty look;

 Waist shots - (three-quarter-length) ideal for showing off detailed fashions. Extreme close-ups for skin /hair, hands, feet, teeth, hats, product shots, situational shots (e.g. mother and child shots) showing any specialties;

 Head shots - showing good complection, teeth and hair, both in color and black and white photos;

 Action shots - such as running, walking, on swing;

 Location shots - photos taken at different locations, including studio, outdoors in a variety of settings (beach, woods, malls) and downtown area;

 Photos showing different emotions - smiling, surprised and scared;

 Facial angles - Pictures taken at different angles;

 Photos with a male model;

 Make-up - having your make-up look natural (wearing make-up but doesn't look like your wearing make-up), having a glamours look and having your make-up done by a professional;

 Hair - natural looking hair and having your hair done by a professional to show different styles, you should try to show at least three different styles;

 Wardrobe - you should have at least three different styles of clothing, for example, sportswear, bathing suit, formal dress wear, business and casual;