Primavera Photography - Model Resouces

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Modeling Tips

 Welcome to the Modeling Resource section

This section has information about modeling for Primavera Photography. We put this section together to better inform you about services and shooting with Primavera Photography.
You will also find information in the Modeling FAQ section.

 Important Points

 Please show up for you photo shoot on time!

 Review my Model Release form, all models must sign the form and acknowledge its terms.

 Models are allowed to use the photos sent to them for personal use such as Facebook or other on-line portfolio web sites.

 Photos sent to models are not to be altered, cropped or modified in any way by them or anyone else.

 You must ask Mark for written permission to use the images for commercial purposes or if photos are to be modified.

 have your hair and make-up done up before arriving to the photo session, then when you arrive you can do final touch ups on your hair and make-up.

 get plenty of rest before the photo shoot, if you are tired and went to a party the night before it will show in the photos

 have your wardrobe picked out the day before and transport them so they do not get wrinkled

 The most important point is to have fun at your photo shoot!